In the landscape characterized by the quality and beauty of the vineyards with their dry stone walls and the villas of Franciacorta, we want to propose a symbol capable of representing the core business of the Client which is heavy industry and which, by investing in agricultural activity and above all in the production of fine wines in Franciacorta, wants to "go back to the origins": from this concept comes the idea of ​​gates as two worlds - industry and agriculture - in the shape of two circles respectively in natural iron and in gilded iron with a rough finish and antiquing patina to symbolically evoke the very nature of these ambitions, the first attributable to an image of strength and resistance, the other to the idea of ​​finesse, quality and local craftsmanship.
The choice of materials for the cladding of the metal structures of the gates, on the other hand, leads back to a clear reference to the buildings that characterize the area: the split Credaro stone, laid semi-dry, is in fact the finishing material of the villa located at the top of the hill where places this intervention, as well as that with which the retaining walls of the terraces of Franciacorta are typically built.
This project is not meant to be proposed only as an architectural project with two entrances, but following the will of the client, we would like to create a symbolic and significant object, dignified and above all not self-celebrating, but which is an expression of the generosity of the Territory.