violAssociates is an international studio of architecture, engineering and urban planning founded by prof. architect and engineer Fabrizio Viola.

We believe the best architecture is the result of a synthesis of all the elements which constitute a building: the structure, the services allowing the operation, the poetics of form and the relationship established with the context.
Our expertise in projecting complex buildings and the deep knowledge in seismic and energy analyses allow us to carry out projects which are complete since their origin.

prof. arch. engr. fabrizio viola

Master degree in Architecture, architectural design department, Politecnico of Milan
Master degree in Civil Engineering, Rome
Master degree in Territorial, urban and environmental planning, Rome
Secon level master in Energy production from fossil, renewable and nuclear sources, Rome
University professor in “Automatic Structural Calculation laboratory” Faculty of Civil engineering (LM23) Rome
University professor in “Structural Rehabilitation” Faculty of Civil engineering (LM23) Rome
dr. arch. elihas grazioli​​​​​​​
Degree in Architectural design, Politecnico of Milan
dr. arch. matteo ferrari
Degree in Architectural design, Politecnico of Milan
arch. matteo bellini
Degree in city and lanscape design, Politecnico of Milan
arch. mattia bonardi
Degree in Architecture, Politecnico of Milan
q.s. leonardo baldassari
Technical degree as Quantity Surveyor
Specialization in Buildings' energy efficiency
arch. nizar muammar
Master degree in Architecture, Technion- Israel Institute of technology of Haifa.​​​​​​​
dr. loretta sassi​​​​​​​
Chartered accountant and auditor​​​​​​​
Spin off Studio with a specialization in energy management

We think that human resources are fundamental, in fact high skilled and experienced technicians are the true soul and the engine of the architectural process, so we are always looking for young architects and technicians who want to join us.
This is also why our academy was born, which is committed to training all the technicians who want to take part in our team, in full agreement with the desire to always guarantee the best for the client.
So, if you consider violAssociates for your professional career or if you are seeking an internship, please send us a detailed CV and your portfolio (.pdf format less then 20MB), indicating your professional ambitions and the role you would like to play.​​​​​​


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