Protect the roots, secure a future. Only those with roots have a future. Jerusalem, the Holy City, preserves sacred memories for a large part of humanity.
Within the walls of Jerusalem, the Armenian Community in the Holy Land has preserved over the centuries one of the most important places: the Church of San Giacomo.
The Basilica of San Giacomo, the jewel of the Armenian Patriarchate of Jerusalem, is located beyond one of the city gates. Built on the tombs of San Giacomo Apostolo and San Giacomo, the brother of the Lord. An incredible building of the twelfth century with many decoration from the eighteenth century, added during the renovation works commissioned by Patriarch Gregorio, the bearer of the chain (1715-49), is one of the buildings that most generate wonder and reverential respect.
Earthquakes, war blows and some improper attempts to reduce the humidity in the walls have undermined the strength of the building, jeopardizing the priceless artistic and devotional heritage. In June 2008, a careful structural verification revealed that some walls and part of the roof was such deteriorated that, if not immediately repaired, parts of the building would not withstand another event.
Time has paid its tribute and we had to act urgently to ensure the future of this living house of prayer.